Project group

Lars Ekberg

Project manager.
Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in the field of the indoor environment

Catinka Ullman

Ph.D.– safety ventilation,
C3 Contamination Control Consulting

Daniel Olsson

Lic. Eng. – building Services Engineering,
CIT Renergy AB

Jörgen Rutegård

Associate Prof. – surgery

Katharina Merl

Civ. Eng. – information and industrial design,

Reference group

  • Andreas Ask – Lic. Eng. – Flexible and mobile production systems
  • Annette Erichsen Andersson – Universitetslektor och operationssköterska.
  • Bengt Ljungqvist – Professor – Safety ventilation
  • Berit Reinmüller – Associate Professor – disease transmission
  • Carl-Johan Fraenkel – Senior physician and specialist in infectious medicine and health care hygiene
  • Johan Nordenadler – Ph.D. – Technical development and management
  • Pedro Gandra – Lic. Eng. – Safety ventilation

Collaboration partner

  • Light Air